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We are committed to doing three things better than any other wheel company in the market: we design wheels with world-class, timeless designs; we market our brand as a true hard-core enthusiast lifestyle; we provide best-in-class customer service. Every day we try to live up to the idea of being the best in those three things. It drives us in every decision we make and in every design we create. It gives our customers the opportunity to express their specific lifestyle. Creating a very unique look in the wheel market is much easier said than done. Everyone wants to come out with the "next big thing." At SOTA Offroad, we actually did it. We created a look and invented a process that is widely sought after in the market. We understand the difference between imitation and the genuine article. Our process is so unique and advanced that we were awarded a Utility Patent from the US Government. We are proud to continue our growth and expand our product line again to offer our customers the best wheels for the lifted and leveled truck market. First comes the innovator, then come the imitators.

We are the True Original.